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kisserott, Jan 24, 12 8:10 PM.
We are a raiding guild. We raid, you sign up for raids and you show up for these raids. If you don't want to be apart of it then so be it. But I am not going to cater to people who don't sign up or show up.
Who we are:

If you don't know who we are, Horde Raiders is a North American-based hardcore end-game raiding guild.  Created by Ryeno on Feb 28, 2010, HR quickly grew in size. We are a PvE oriented raiding guild that runs ICC 10 normal, ICC 10 heroic, VoA, OS, Naxx, Ony and other raids on a daily basis. We cater to our North American/Latin America time-zone players and any player who can and are willing to raid at those times.

Our schedule for raids are in the air as we recruit more people to raid with.

Upcoming: ICC 10m
OS and other miscellaneous raids at the discretion of the members if they want to go there or not.

We expect at the very max that you would spend 2-3 hours with us raiding, so keep that in mind if you decide to join the guild.

We as people are a bunch of laidback, fun and hilarious guys (and a few girls). We take enjoyment in what we do, but at the same time maintain good raid ethics and strive for exceptional raiding performance. We are extremely helpful and would lend a helping hand to our new guildies or those who are asking for tips on raiding and such.  If you like great raiding in a comfortable and fun environment, we open our arms to you.

How we work:

We have a practice that all new recruits must be run through other raids before being allowed into ICC in order to make sure performance in ICC is acceptable and up to guild standards. Once a member has progressed through ICC normal, they may then go through the other levels of ICC with the guild. We do our best to not encourage pug's as many members have run into issues raiding with pugs. However, if you cannot make it to the guild raids, please communicate with the officers on what dates will work best for you to raid with us.

We provide mats for banked items for free (like recipe mats, items, etc) and ICC BoE's are available upon request from an officer. We normally hope our members will give something back to the guild if we give them ICC BoE equipment.

What we want:
We have a high demand for: (3+ recuits)
All Classes are currently being recruited

We are hoping to pool around ten or more people to stabilize our raids.

What is required of you:

We value communication as a very important skill to have while raiding. As such, while require you to have TeamSpeak we  have a TS 3 server and we use it during raids. Most members do not talk, all we ask is that raiders be available to listen.

We need you to be active! This is important, and we expect you to be on-time and ready to go. In the past when we had over 25 people online we would give incentive to be online, including gold and other wanted items.

We need you to know your class. As long as you know your role and what to do in the raids we are fine with you. The guild normally helps with deeper theorycrafting and best rotation/spec at a later date. We just need you to know the basic in-and-outs of your class and of course your roles in the raid encounters, so it's a big plus if you have retail or prior extensive experience in other private servers.

We do not want members to be raiding in full or close to full pvp gear.

We are lucky to have some very op members in our guild and as such, feel free to ask them questions as they do not bite, much. We boost to have some of the top tanks and healers on the horde side of Redemption. Because of that, we expect our dps to be good also.

In that regards we are looking for members in almost full PvE gear, whom are skilled at their classes. We will be checking new members gear to make sure you know what your gear should be and what your gems, enchants, etc should be.

Contact info:

For more info on recruiting please contact any of the following: Ryeno, Locktight, Warioryeno, Zygott, Taursa, Omannu, Reghan, Edatsu, or you can also /who g-Horde Raiders and whisper one of our members who will point you towards an officer. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Raid Target
ICC 10N !

Need to get our groove back, as well as I'd like to see us down LK10n

Check the raid calendar for upcoming raids and targets.
There are no upcoming events.
Officer Contacts
kisserott (Ryeno)
tareggy (Reghan/Edatsu)
Taursa (Taursa)
theline (Theline)
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